Why? Photo by AZGAN MjESHTRI on Unsplash.

Well I'd like to make a short post, ranting about Google Workspace-Google Domains-and-Blogger.

So, I have been using Google Workspace since last year, around February 2021. I chose Google Workspace as it offered interesting features, such as a domain, huge storage, and such, so I could backup my data to the cloud, to prevent data loss. Previously I backed up my data on my external hard disk drive, and when my laptop was gone, all of the data whether in my laptop or my external hard drive was gone coincidentally. So to prevent the same mistake, I decided to use Google Workspace.

So, what will I rant about?

Well... Their slow indexing process. Such a pain in the ass, actually. I have developed a few websites under this domain since mid-year 2021, and most of the contents on my website isn't indexed on Google till now. I have tried to tweak here and there, optimise a lot of settings, keep writing from time to time, yet it's still "Discovered - currently not indexed", or "Crawled - currently not indexed". It's... Tiring? And frustrating? Like I was expecting, the indexing process could be easier, as it's from Google Domains and the contents are also unique as I write each one by one. But apparently it's not... 😮‍💨

On the contrary, other websites that I maintained from other hosts, indexed quickly, like in just a few hours or days. But for my website, which I hosted here, in Google Domains, under Google itself, takes months to be indexed on Google. Kinda hard to recommend this service... Even though aside from these Google Domains problems, everything else actually works smoothly. It's just this one, that felt like a pain in the ass. It's tiring, cause even though I keep trying my best to update the contents, no one reads it cause it needs months to be tracked through Google Search Engine.